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For those who love Skopelos and the wildflowers of Greece


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The Plant Families of Skopleos

8 Oct 2020

An individual flower shares its name with other plants which look the same, the species. A species is a group of plants which share the same characteristics and can breed with each other to produce offspring with the same traits; a genus is a group of plants which share similar attributes, they are not the same but are closely related. The scientific name has two parts, a species name which follows the genus name.

A common daisy is called Bellis perennis and a wood daisy  Bellis sylvestris.

Bellis is the genus name, perennis and sylvestris are species names.

Some genera are small and may contain only one species; the judas tree (Ceratonia siliqua), which is familiar on Skopelos as a beautiful tree with purple flowers and interesting seed pods, is the only species of the Ceratonia genus. Other genera have many species; the Silene genus has more than 900 species worldwide, with over 100 in Greece and at least ten different silenes on Skopelos.

There are hundreds of thousands of plant species in the world; a recent estimate totalled 391,000 and there are thousands of genera. These are further grouped into families, which have many similarities and genetic profiles; as with any living thing,  plants of the same family share the same ancestry. The scientific names of plant familes all end with -acae, e.g. Orchidaceae, the orchid family, which is the most populous family worldwide; followed by the daisy family (Asteraceae). Other important families on Skopelos include: the pea family (Fabaceae), the carrot or parsley family (Apiaceae) and the mint family (Lamiaceae).

For the amateur botanists amongst you, the relationship of some of the flowers found on Skopelos is shown in the

Plant Family Tree

and for a full list of families found on Skopelos go to the Family Index

or just enjoy looking at the flowers listed by colour.

For more on naming of flowers go to the About page.

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Now more than 300 flowers and trees

The Wildflowers of Skopelos is for those who love the island of Skopelos and the wildflowers of Greece.

There are now over 300 flowers and trees and also information on the island, its floral landscape, geology, climate, and ecological habitats.