The Wild Flowers of Skopelos


For those who love Skopelos and the wildflowers of Greece

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Mia pikilia - a mixed assortment

A scattering of colour on a green island

10 Jan 2019

For the New  Year and as a reminder of warmer, brighter days I have simply added twelve new flowers from different times of the year, celebrating the rich, diverse flora of Skopelos and reflecting the scattering of colour on a green island.

Agrimonia eupatoria
Antirrhinum majus
Snap dragonPink/Pages/Antirrhinum_majus.html
Blackstonia perfoliata
Campanula patula
Spreading campanulaPurple_mauve/Pages/Campanula_patula.html
Centaurea urvillei

Centaurium pulchellum
Lesser centauriaPink/Pages/Centaurium_pulchellum.html
Clematis cirrhosa
Evergreen virgin's bowerWhite/Pages/Clematis_cirrhosa.html
Cyclamen hederifolium
Ivy leaved cyclamenPink/Pages/Cyclamen_hederifolium.html
Fumaria officinalis
Common fumitoryPink/Pages/Fumaria_officinalis.html
Misopates orontium
Weasle’s snoutPink/Pages/Misopates_orontium.html
Oxalis corniculata
Creeping wood sorrelYellow_Orange/Pages/Oxalis_corniculata.html
Ruta graveolens
Common rueYellow_Orange/Pages/Ruta_graveolens.html

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Wild berries

26 Nov 2018

The purpose of flowers is to produce seeds and the purpose of seeds is to perpetuate the species. The seeds are contained in a fruit and for many shrubs the fruits are sweet berries, which entice animals especially birds to help in the distribution of the seeds. Biologically, a berry is a fruit without a stone produced from a single flower with a single ovary. As autumn progresses and deciduous trees and shrubs loose their leaves, the island is brightened by the bright berries in many colours, red, yellow, blue and purple. Many of the culinary fruits called berries are not true berries, but are all small and juicy.

The five new plants added this month are all shrubs whose flowers are followed by colourful berries.

Crataegus monogyna Hawthorne
Ramping fumitoryTrees_%26_shrubs/Pages/Crataegus_monogyna.html
Myrtus communis
Greek myrtleTrees_%26_shrubs/Pages/Myrtus_communis.html
Phillyrea latifolia
Mock privetTrees_%26_shrubs/Pages/Phillyrea_latifolia.html
Rhamnus alternus
Mediterranean buckthornTrees_%26_shrubs/Pages/Rhamnus_alternus.html
Sambucus ebulis
Dwarf elderTrees_%26_shrubs/Pages/Sambucus_ebulus.html

See also:

Arbutus unedo,

Rubus sanctus,

Smilax aspera,

Sorbus domestica.

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