Cichorium intybus

Chicory                                                                                                            Ραδίκι

Compositae - the daisy family


This common plant is often seen on roadside and wasteland,often appearing briefly after rain showers, presenting a clear blue contrast to the desiccated  background vegetation.

The tall, stiff angular stems are dichotomous with flowers are positioned at the angles, either singly or in groups of two or three.

The leaves which form a rosette at the base of the plant are lanceolate with variable toothing. Bright green when young but later become tough and spiky then dying off by midsummer so that when the flowers appear there are often no leaves to be seen.The leaves are eaten when tender. 

20-38mm, 30-90cm,
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Campanula spathulata.


Horta, the wild, green, edible leaves, collected from the fields and hillsides are highly valued by the people of Skopelos. The young leaves of chicory or radiki are just one of many varieties of herb picked from autumn till early spring.

An excellent description of horta is given in SKOPELOSNEWS "Horta Lessons."

Consolida regalis
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