Scilla hyacinthoides

Large scilla                                                                                                       Υákinthos


Hyacinthaceae - hyacinth family                                                                         Monocot.


The beautiful, spikes of Scilla hyacinthoides have hundreds of small star-shaped violet-blue flowers with violet stalks on a tall, elegant violet stem.  They are plants of the eastern Mediterranean, and are not common on Skopelos; they may have been introduced as garden flowers, but are naturalised and can be found in springtime flowering in open sunny sites.

It is thought that Scilla hyacinthoides, which have large bulbs are the bulbous plants described by Theophrastus*, as the wool-bearing, kind1;

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for there is such a kind and it grows on the sea-shore, and has the wool beneath the outer tunic, so that it is between the edible inside and the outside : of it are woven felt shoes and other articles of apparel.                     Theophrastus.2

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* Theophrastus; The First Botanist; born Lesbos Island circa 370 B.C..

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