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Look for oats in June

Reports and photographs by Tom Dempsey.

Posted on November 21, 2013 by skopelosnews

21 November 2013

This field lay fallow all of last year with only a few horses and mules grazing on whatever popped up.
Yesterday the area was tilled by tractor and a team of sowers broadcast oats all over. With a little rain tonight (maybe) all will be set for a good harvest in late May, early June.

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The moment of truth

Posted on May 18, 2014 by skopelosnews

17 May 2014

For all of you readers eagerly following the monthly reports of oats growing in a field, the moment of truth has finally arrived. On Friday two local men with scythes began to cut down whatever had been growing since November. Yesterday they seemed to have chopped most of it. After giving time for the grass to dry, they will collect everything they have cut into long rows. A tractor with a bailing machine will arrive and soon the entire field will be covered with neat bundles of horse, mule and donkey food which will be hoisted into trucks and taken for storage.

We hope to be able to cover and photograph each step in the process for your enjoyment.