Clinopodium vulgare

Wild basil                                                                                           Μη διαθέσιμη

Lamiaceae - mint family                                                                                     Dicot.


The attractive flowers of wild basil can be seen amongst the vigorous grasses, which abound in early summer. The pink flowers are found in crowded whorls of green calyces, which are arranged at intervals along the upright stems. Each calyx is very hairy and has five soft spines; each whorl is subtended by a pair of mint-like leaves. The plants are mildly aromatic; they were included in posies in medieval times to ward of evil vapours and strewn amongst straw in bed chambers.

Wild basil has a wide distribution throughout Europe, Wester Asia and North America, in temperate zones; it prefers calcareous soils.

8-11mm, 10-40cm, ℞,
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Clinopodium vulgare

Wild basil
Cistus cretensis
Convolvulus altheodes
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