Matthiola sinuata

Mediterranean sea stock                                                               Βιόλλα της θάλασσας

Cruciferae - the mustard family                                                                               Dicot.


Matthiola sinuata is a plant typical of the sandy shoree. It is found on or just above the high water line, often accompanied by Medicago marina and the closely related Matthiola tricuspidata. Its leaves are pale green, thickened, covered in tiny hairs and with undulated edges, all adaptions to withstand high levels of light and heat. As a beach dweller, it will also have metabolic strategies to deal with high salt levels.


1.5-2cm, 20-30cm20-40cm                                                        JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC

Misopates orontium
Weasle’s snoutMisopates_orontium.html
Malva unguiculata
briony-leaved mallowMalva_unguiculata.html

Matthiola after Pietro Andrea Mattioli, a 16th centuary botanist

sinuata refers to sinuous - the wavy edge of the leaves