Carduus nutans

Musk thistle                                                                                                        Καρδός

Compositae - daisy family                                                                                        Dicot.


The Latin binomial, Carduus nutans, simply means nodding thistle, an apt description for this plant. The flower head is composed of bright purple florets surrounded by narrow lance shaped bracts (phylliaries) which are concentrically arranged and each tipped with sharp spine. The heads resemble artichokes and like them, they are edible. The stems have spiny wings except the upper zone, which is smooth and  covered in fine hairs; the stems are erect at first but as the flower heads open begin to droop. The plants are found on field margins, olive groves and on the roadside.

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Carduus pycnocephalus 
Carduus euboicus
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