Centaurea raphanina

ssp. mixta

A kind of knapweed                                                                                        Aγγιναράκι

Asteraceae - the daisy family                                                          Dicot.


This uncommon flower is a Greek endemic, that is it does not grow naturally in any other country in the world. Named after the Centaurs because of it's medicinal properties, Centauriea raphanina contains an anti-fungal agent.

The flower head is a globe consisting of many pink tubular florets with purple tipsThe purple stigmas can be seen protruding from the tubules and fine white stamens in between. It belongs to the subgroup of asteraceae known as tubulifereae as all the florets are tubular.

The dark green leaves are arranged in a rosette surrounding one to four flower heads which have very short stalks. The leaves are pinnately lobed with lanceolate leaflets of varying sizes. The terminal leaflet is heart shaped and larger than the rest.

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