Colchicum bivonae

Checkered autumn crocus, naked ladies                          Κολχικό το ποικιλόμορφο 

Colchicaceae - colchicum family                                                                         Monocot.


The beautiful, impressive, delicate flowers of Colchicum bivonae appear in autumn after the first rains. The translucent white tepals are chequered with pale purple surround 6 bright yellow stamens, and 3 curved white styles. The tepals fuse to form a white tube, which emerges directly from the earth. The leaves do not appear until spring.

Members of the lily family, colchicums are not true crocuses, differing in a number of botanical details most obviously having six stamens; crocuses have three.

All members of the Colchicum family produce a substance, colchicine, which although in sufficient dose is highly poisonous, is still considered an effective treatment for the painful condition, gout.

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Colchicum from Colchis (Κολχίς), on the shores of the Black Sea, South of the Caucuses mountains.

The land of the Golden Fleece of Greek mythology.

binovae - from Antonio Bivona-Bernardi - 18th Century Sicilian botanist

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