Crocus cancellatus

Autumn flowering crocus                                                                      Κροκός άγριος

Iridaceae.                                                                                                            Monocot.


Flowering in autumn, the delicate crocuses Crocus cancellatus  are found hiding amongst the rocks around Sendoukia. The translucent tepals vary in colour from pale mauve to violet, and often having 3 darker lines on the outer surface, the centre is pale yellow. The stigma is bright yellow with 3 finely divided branches, the stamens are also yellow.

The narrow pointed leaves are bright green and shiny, typical of the crocus leaves. They do not usually appear until after the flowers. The flowers are short-lived and are often drooping by the end of the morning.

The locals collect the flowers for saffron, which has the same name in Greek as the flowers krokos (κροκός.)

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