Gladiolus illyricus

Wild gladiolus                                                                                                    Γλαδιόλα

Iridaceae - the Iris Family                                                                              Monocot.


The beautiful wild gladioli brighten up the olive groves and roadsides with their sword-like leaves and attractive magenta flowers. G. illyricus is probably the true wild species of gladiolus on Skopelos, unlike the similar G. italicus, it is widespread in the countryside; the Italian gladiolus grows mainly in the church field in Skopelos town. The wild gladiolus, including the colour, is somewhat more delicate than the field gladiolus, but the main difference is the structure of the seeds.

2.5-3.5cm, 30-42cm,
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Gladiolus from gladius - Latin for sword

Illyrius meaning from Illyria (Ἰλλυρία) in ancient times the West of Balkan Penisular

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