Malcolmia flexuosa

Stock                                                                                  Μαλκόλμια η εύκαμπτη

Cruciferae - the mustard family.                                                   Dicot.


This little stock, not only forms billowing green and white cushions on rocky beaches in spring time but also inhabits nooks and crannies, both natural and man-made. The small flowers have a tubular calyx and four petals which, in close up are white tinged with mauve with yellow throat. The leaves are fleshy, oval  becoming  slightly dentate as they grow.

The flowers develop into a long narrow seedpod, typical of the crucifera family. The distinguishing characteristic of M. flexuosa is the stems are as broad as the seed pods.

The plants are annuals with a short flowering season. They quickly go to seed and disappear before summer.

The Malcolmias are recognised to be difficult to identify. The famous botanist Heldreich collected a herbarium specimen which he labelled Malcolomia campanulifolia in Skopelos on Mount Delphi in 1896; the name has not been verified by The Plant List.


1cm, 10-40cm.                                                                                           JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC

Malcomia macrocalyxMalcomia_macrocalyx.html

I originally identified the flowers on the church roof as M. maritima, as they appeared quite different from those on the beach. However I was never confident about this. When uncertain it is best to review at different stages of growth, so I revisited the sites early in spring when it became apparent that the plants in both sites were the same species - later differences resulted from environmental factors. Those on the beach having more soil and water than those in the cracks of the church roof.
Malva arboria
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