Malcolmia marocalyx

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Cruciferae - the mustard family                                                     Dicot.


Malcolmia macrocalyx is a very special plant, found only in Greece and the subspecies macrocalyx, only in the Northern Sporades; the first and only plant specimen identified M. macrocalyx subsp macrocalyx was collected on Skopelos by a distinguished Greek botanist Christos Leonis in 1896.

It little jewel of a plant tends to grow from the cracks of bare rock, but also forms small colonies amongst the grass, where there is a little more moisture but is invariably growing on a calcarious soil. The four petals are bright mauve with a yellow centre. The simple small leaves, the stems and the developing pods are tinged with purple. The term macrocalyx refers to the enlarged calyx tube; the calyx is formed from sepals, the parts of the flower which surround and support the petals. Like all the Malcolmias, the fruit is an elongated pod, a siliqua.

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