Malva arborea

Synon: Lavatera arborea

Tree mallow                                                                                            Άγρια μολόχα    

Malvaceae - mallow family                                                                                       Dicot.


With it's tall robust stem, bright green leaves and large, rosy-purple flowers, the tree mallow (Malva arborea) is a striking plant. It grows on waste ground and occurs as a weed in gardens and fields. The rosy petals are striped with deep purple leading to the deep purple centre of the flower. The flowers close up at night and in dull light. The flowers have a characteristically  cup shaped epicalyx, formed from the fusion of three projections which surround the calyx. The leaves differ from the common mallow (Malva sylvestris) in that the lobes are less angular and more rounded.

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