Prospero autumnalis

Synon: Scilla autumnalis

Autumn squill                                                                       Σκύλα η φθινοπωρινή

Hyacinthacea - hyacinth family                                                                       Monocot.


This delightful, little, autumn flower tends to grow in leaf strewn, dry, grassy or rocky places, where it blends into it's background; but once spotted can be recognised in a variety of locations.

The short stalked flowers are arranged in compact panicle with the space between them increasing as the flowers mature.

There are usually several flower stems arising from each bulb; the bulbs are surprisingly large, in contrast to the delicate flowers.  There are 6 tepals surrounding  6 deep purple stamens and central stigma. The tepals vary in shade from mauve to violet according to the light. The narrow pointed shiny leaves appear from the base after flowering.

1cm 10-20cm.                                                                                        JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC


Tepal - the name given to the petal-like part of a flower, when the flower does not have both petals and sepals, especially in flower of the lily family and other monocotyledenous plants.
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