Cercis silquastrum

Smoke tree                                                                                         Κρυσόξυλο                       

Judas tree                                                                                                   Κουτσουπιά

Anacardiaceae - cashew family                                                                    Dicot.


The smokt tree, Cotinus coggygria,is an attractive shrub, with translucent, oval, pale green leaves and red stems and interesting flower and seed heads, which create the illusion of smoke, as they develop in the late summer and autumn. The Greek name of the plant, krisosilo (Κρυσοόξθλο), refers to the wood, which is golden yellow in colour. It is always found in forest clearings or on the very edge of the fores, as it requires high light levels.

Cotinus coggygria, is a popular decorative shrub, which is grown in gardens throughout the world, mainly as the purple leaved form.

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