Juniperus oxycedrus

Prickly juniper                                                                                            Υιουνιπερος

Cupressaceae - cypress family                                                                   Gymnosperm


Prickly juniper, Juniperus oxycedrus, it is easily identified by its sharp needle-like leaves; it is much less common on Skopelos than the softer leaved Juniperus turbinata. The shrubs have small berry-like cones, which are green at first maturing to brown, they are not edible and may be poisonous. It is found in the understory and along the edges of the tracks of the forest.


Juniperus from the Latin name for the tree - iuniperus,

oxycedrus from Greek  oxis (οξύς) meaning sharp + cedrus - cedar a general term used for all confers

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