Juniperus turbinata

Conical juniper                                                                                              Υιουνιπερος

Cupressaceae - cyprus family                                                                     Gymnosperm


Juniperus turbinata is a conical tree or shrub which occurs naturally only in the Mediterranean basin and is ideally suited to this environment. It is a tree of mainly rocky places, preferring the alkaline soils in calcareous areas and often growing near the sea. It does not occur as a tall tree in Skopelos but as a bush which may be lush and bright green in more moist and shady sites but can form scrubby, contorted shapes on dry rocky slopes and able to survive in a cleft in solid rock. It can be recognised by it's characteristic aroma, scale-like leaves and berry-like cones, which are green when young becoming red or black on maturity.

Juglans regia
Juniperus oxycedrus
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