Tilia platyphyllos

Lime or linden                                                                                   Τίλιο ή φλαμούρι

Tiliaceae - the lime or linden family                                                                      Dicot.


Limes or linden are tall handsome trees with bright green, heart shaped leaves and fragrant cream flowers which are suspended in small clusters from a narrow wing-like bract. The flowers are followed by the development of small round fruits containing a single seed.

Lime trees are probably not native to Skopelos, but two splendid mature trees can be seen over shading the ruins of an old farmstead above the forest on Mount Delphi. They would have been planted to provide  lime tea, which is greatly prized in Greece. Made from the flowers, leaves or even the bark of the tree, lime tea is thought to be beneficial to health and has been used as a treatment for a variety of ailments, including the common cold. Linden blossom is a valuable source of pollen for bees.


tilia from Greek name for the tree τίλια

cordata - Latin meaning heart-shaped

Sorbus domestica
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