Campanula incurva

Evia bellflower                                                                                               Καμπανούλα

Campanulaceae -bellflower family                                                                         Dicot.


The rare and beautiful Campanula incurva has been included in WWF’s  The Red Data Book of Rare and Threatened Plants Of Greece. It is found in scattered populations only on the islands of Skopelos, Ikaria, and Evia and in the foothills of Mount Olympos and Mount Pelion. This rare white campanula is found in rocky places and on roadside, but it is available for sale online as a garden flower. The shiny, bright  green, heart shaped leaves appear in late summer becoming longer and darker as they get older, developing reddish brown patches. They form a rosette from which  flowering stalks radiate. On Skopelos the flowers are mainly white but occasionally of palest mauve. The white flower buds with five green sepals are arranged alternately in leaf axils, the more distal flowers opening first. Five pure white petals are fused to form a bell shape which narrows slightly before flaring out.  There are 5 free stamens and central tripartite stigma.

Capparis spinosa CaperCapparis_spinosa.html
2.5 - 4.5cm, ⤴ 12-20cm20-40cm                 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
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