Daucus carota

Wild carrot                                                                                                  Αγριο καρότο

Apiaceae - carrot family                                                                                     Dicot.


In early sumer the flowers Daucus carota of appear as a white foam in the green fields and verges and the flowers persist into late august. The tiny flowers are arranged in creamy white umbels with often a central flower of pink or black. Each umbel is surrounded by a collar of divided bracts. The leaves are typical carrot-like, divided and sub-divided into narrow segments. there is a long thin white tap root which is edible and the precursor of the domestic carrot. The plants are a food crop for animals especially horses.

As the flowers mature they fold inwards to form unusual basket like structures which protect the developing seeds.

2-4mm, 4.5-10cm, 25-80cm,
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