Lepidium draba

Syn: Cardaria draba

Hoary cress                                                                                                      Καρδάρια

Cruciferae - the mustard family                                                           Dicot.


A plant of waste places, neglected fields and streets, Lepidium draba can be a troublesome weed but can also be a nutritious food; the flower buds are cooked and some consider them to be a substitute for broccoli.

The frothy white flowers are arranged in loose umbels but they belong to the Cruciferae family; each, tiny flower has the four petals forming a cross, from which the family name is derived. The flowers have 6 prominent stamens.

The local Greek name, cardaria, and the former scientific name Cardaria draba , come from the heart shaped seed pods.(Sorry no photo).

Lepidium draba; it is native to Eurasia, including the Eastern Mediterranean, but has become an invasive on every continent except Antarctica.

4mm, 40-80cm,
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