Ornithogalum  collinum

Star of Bethlehem                                                                                  Ορνιθογαλο

Asparagaceae - asparagus family                                                            Monocot.


The brilliant white stars of Ornithigalum collinum are scattered along the forest paths and clearings in early spring, and mark the way to the mysterious rocky outcrop of Sendoukia. They are one of a number of plants with common English name star of Bethlehem.

The flower are unusual in having very short stems so that they lie close the surface of the ground, occurring singly or in clumps. There are six white petals marked on the underside by a central green stripe, seen most easily when the flowers are in bud. Six stamens surround a central stigma and style. The narrow leaves are initially round in cross section but develop a grove along their length as they grow, which appears as a white stripe.

15-22mm, (flower stem) 2-5cm,
(leaves)2-11cm,                   JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC    
Pancratum maritimum.
Sea dafodil.Pancratium_maritimum.html

ornitho (ορνιθός)- bird + galum (γάλο) - milk = bird's milk,

a word used by Romans to mean wonderful

Orlaya daucoides
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