Silene vulgaris

Bladder campion                                                                                        Σπουργιτάκι

Cariophyllaciaceae - pink family                                                                        Dicot.


As elegant plant with long curving stems, Silene vulgaris is easily recognised by its inflated calyx from which the petals, stamens and stigmas protrude. This gives rise to the common English name of bladder campion, although its Greek name is much more enchanting, spouryitaki (Σπουργιτάκι) which means little sparows, as they appear to hop around in the grassland.

Although not abundant on Skopelos, the plants are recognised as one of many which are considered as horta plants or edible greens, an excellent account is given in the blog History of Greek Food.

14-18mm ,  20-40cm,
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