Biscutella didyma

Buckler mustard                                                                                                Παραδάκι

Cruciferae - the mustard family                                                                               Dicot.


A small yellow plant which is found on Skopelos in the stony ground in the area of Sendoukia. It is easily recognised by its seed cases wich are arranged in pairs resembling tiny spectacles.

Around the Mediterranean Biscutella didyma grows in both moist and dessert situations. Genetic studies in Israel demonstrated how the plants from humid environments could adapt to dry conditions within 12 years by passing on traits which allow earlier flowering and seed production1. Such studies are important in understanding how plants may adapt to climate change.

5-10mm, 8-30cm,
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Blackstonia perfoliata

Biscutella - from bi - latin for two  + scutella - Latin for disc or plate

didyma - from didymos (δίδυμο) - Greek for twin

Bellardia viscosa
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