Sternbergia lutea

Autumn daffodil, lily of the field                               Κίτρινο κρινάκι, Στερνμπέργια

Amaryllidaceae - daffodil family                                                              Monocot.


An autumn flowering plant which is said to herald rain Sternbergia lutea is named after Czech botanist Count Sternberg. the flower grow, often in large clumps in sunny fields, olive groves and orchards and is often taken into gardens where it naturalizes.

The striking golden flowers have 6 tepals surrounded by a membranous spathe. There are 6 stamens and a single stigma. The flowers emerge before the leaves which are bright green and linear.

4-4.5cm 20-30cm                                                                                          Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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