Borago officinalis

Borage                                                                                                            Μποράγκο

Compositae - daisy family                                                                                     Dicot.


With its unmistakeable electric-blue, star-shaped 5 petaled flowers,  borage is not common on Skopelos but can occasionally be found growing in the olive groves in springtime. The plants grow tall and when mature are characteristically covered in sharp bristle-like hairs.

All parts of the plant are edible but only very young leaves are eaten raw, added to salads, but older leaves need to be cooked, when they loose their bristles. The bright blue flowers are used as a decorative addition to summer drinks, particularly gin and tonic.

Borago from borraginis, the Latin name for the plant

officinalis - litererally official - usually applied to medicinal species

20-22mm,  40-60cm,,
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