Cynoglossum creticum

Cretan hounds tongue                                                                            Κυνόγλωσσο

Boranginacae - borage family                                                                                Dicot.


Cynoglossum creticum is an erect annual which grows rapidly in spring, flowers and forms fruits before the onset of the summer drought sets in. The long narrow leaves covered in rough hairs resembling a hounds tongue and this gives the plant it's scientific* as well as the English and Greek common names.

The pale blue flowers are arranged in small, loose clusters in the axils of the leaves towards the top of the plant. On close inspection the petals are white marked with dark blue lines. They surround a ring of stamens of deepest blue. The fruits are spiny and catch on to clothing and animal fur, which aids distribution.

* Cynoglossa, from Greek kyno, short for kynigoskylo (κυνηγόσκυο) - hound, + γλώσσα (glossa) - tongue.

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