Rosa canina

Dog rose                                                                                                             Ροδαριά

Rosaceae - rose family                                                                                               Dicot.


Beautiful in its simplicity, common dog rose, Rosa canina, is a pretty sight in springtime; not so common or dramatic as the evergreen wild rose Rosa sempervirans. It is usually found on roadsides or the edge of fields and olive groves.

The name dog rose and its Latin equivalent, Rosa Canina has several possible explanations. The term canina, dog, is often used to describe  common or ordinary flowers, but more imaginatively, it is thought that the Romans believed that eating its roots would protect against the bite of mad dogs or that the curved thorns are said to resemble the canine teeth of dogs

The rose hips, which appear in mid to late summer are a rich source of vitamin C and can be used to make syrups, unless they have already been eaten by the birds.

3-4.5cm, 100-200cm,
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We can complain because roses have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

Abraham Lincoln.

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