Securigera parviflora

Crown vetch                                                                                                Μη διαθέσιμη

Fabaceae - pea family                                                                                              Dicot.


Crown vetch, Securigera parviflora, is has delicate pink flowers but survives in hot dry environment, growing from the base of bare rock. It has clusters of five or more pretty pea flowers, which form a small crown at the apex of long stalks. The fruits develop rapidly into long narrow pods and the plant dies back before the summer droughts set in. Like many Mediterranean annual plant it is able to complete its life-cycle within a short time, thus ensuring its survival.

7-11mm,15-50 cm                                               JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
Sccabiosa atropurpurea
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