Trifolium stellatum

Star clover                                                                                     Τριφύλλι το αστερωτό

Fabaceae - pea family                                                                                               Dicot.


Star clover, Trifolium stellatum, is a low growing plant which thrives on dry rocky ground; it is often found on the roadside. It has small, pinkish-white flower heads. Each flower has a green calyx covered in long white hairs; as the flowers mature the calyces turn pink and open up to form a star, which gives the clover its name. The fruits of T. stellatum are covered with stiff hairs, awns, which twist in response to humidity, giving them the ability to move over short distances, aiding dispersal.1

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Trifolium = Tri - botanical latin for three + folium - latin for leaf

Stellatum - from latin stella for star

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