Erica manipuliflora

Whorled heath                                                                                Ρείκι – Έρειγκας

Ericaceae - heather family                                                                                 Dicot.


Visitors from Northern Europe may be surprised to see purple heather on a Greek island, often regarded as a plant of the moors and mountains of Scotland. Erica manipuliflora is, however, well suited to the island environment and unlike many heathers it tolerates alkaline, calcareous soils. It flowers in autumn and provides pollen rich in minerals which gives Skopelos honey it's dark colour, rich flavour and fragrant aroma.

The small bell shaped flowers are in varying shades of mauve, from which protrude deep purple stamens and white style. They are arranged in whorls around the stem. The leaves are small and needle like typical of the heathers.

E. manipuliflora is a phrygana plant and is found along the road side, in forest clearings and amongst the taller shrubs of high maquis.


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