Muscari comosum

Synon. Leopoldia comosa

Tassel hyacinth                                                                Ασκορδουλάκος,  βολβός

Hyacinthaceae - hyacinth family                                                                   Monocot.


The delightful purple, tassel headed flowers of Muscari comosum are abundant in meadows and olive groves amongst the rich grasses of early summer. The flowers lower down the spikes are fertile but those at the top are infertile but serve to attract insect to the flowers to ensure pollination.

The plants overwinter as underground bulbs, which resemble small onions, not only in form, but also in taste; they are eagerly foraged and baked, after drizzling with olive oil and tossing in sea salt and herbs.

4-8mm 15-45cm   
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The tassel hyacinth is one of several contenders for the flowers of the mythological Hyacinthos.

See also Gladiolus italicus.

Micromeria juliana

muscari from Latin muscus meaning musk - from the smell of the flowers

comosum from Latin coma meaning hair or locks - referring to the tassled head

Muscari neglectum
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