Muscari neglectum

Grape hyacinth                                                               Μούσκαρι,  βολβός

Hyacinthaceae - hyacinth family                                                                   Monocot.


The small. delicate, purple flowers of grape hyacinth, Muscari neglectumappear in early spring. The flowers have a faint musky smell which gives them their scientific name. The species is distinguished from other similar grape hyacinths by the white tips to the lowers petals.

4-8mm 5-18cm   
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Onopordum tauricum
Taurian thistleOnopordum_tauricum.htmlOnopordum_tauricum.htmlOnopordum_tauricum.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

muscari from Latin muscus meaning musk - from the smell of the flowers

neglectum from Latin neglecto meaning disregarde or ignored

Muscari comosum
Tassel hyacinthMuscari_comosum.html