Vicia sativa

Common vetch                                                                                                       Βίκος

Leguminaceae - pea family                                                                                      Dicot.


This is a pea plant which can be found scrambling through the grass in late spring and early summer. It is superficially similar to Pisum sativum but the plant is hairy and does not have a collar at branch points. The vicias can be distinguished from lathyrus, another group of  scrambling peas, as it does not have winged stems.  The leaves have 3-5 pairs of leaflets and terminate in a twisting branched tendrils, which support the rapidly growing stalk. The purple flowers are in clusters of 2-3. The vetches are all nitrogen fixers and contribute valuable nutrition to hay and silage.

2.5cm ,40-100cm ,
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Vicia villosa
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Vicia bithynica
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