Euphorbia chamaesyche

Prostrate spurge                                                                                                Γαλατσίδα

Euphorbiacea - spurge family                                                                                  Dicot.


Euphorbia chamaesyce is an unremarkable plant which is often one of the first green plants to reappear after the first rains of september September. It spreads out from the centre and forms large flat mats. The plants have dull green leaves, red hairy stems and tiny reddish flowers. They are recognised, as are other members of the Euphorbia genus, by the milky sap which oozes from their damaged stalks. The plants grow on road edges and compressed ground.


Euphorbia - after an ancient Greek physician Euphorbos

chamaesyce - chamae from latin for shellfish or clam + syce -Greek for fig

3-4cm,  20-50cm,,
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