Lathyrus cicera

Red pea, chickling pea                                                                        Λάθυρος



Fabaceae - pea family                                                                                         Dicot.


The bright red flowers of Lathyrus cicera are easily spotted amongst the lush green grasses which fill the fields and olive groves of Skopelos in springtime. It is easily recognised as a flower of the pea family and a closer look will reveal the bright green, flattened pea pods and the tendrils which support the plants as they scramble amongst the grasses.

Their is evidence that lathyrus peas have been eaten since Neolithic times and were probably one of the earliest cultivated crops. L. cicera, also called wild lathyrus pea, is thought to be a precursor of L. sativa, which is still cultivated today but mainly as animal fodder. Although edible, if soaked and well cooked, lathyrus peas contain potent amino acids which can cause severe neurological problems if eaten by susceptible individuals, in quantities over a period of time, causing a condition known as lathyrism.

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Lathyrus clymenum
Crimson peaLathyrus_clymenum.html

Great care is needed when identifying wild foods.

Peas of the Lathyrus genus are edible but take care. 
see Lathyrism
bellow Lathyrus clymenum

Always have plants checked by a horta expert before eating.Lathyrus_clymenum.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
Lathyrus articulatus
Joint podded peaLathyrus_articulatus.html