Orobanche pubescens

Syn. Orobanche versicolor

Hairy broomrape                                                                       Το παράσιτο λύκοσ,                αγριόλυκοσ

Orobanchaceae                                                                                                  Dicot.


The tall hairy broomrape, springs up rapidly and grows quickly; the deep red flowers contrasting with the surrounding green vegetation. It is parasitic on plants of the carrot family (Umbelliferae) and the daisy family (Asteraceae), including the golden crown daisy (Chrysanthemum segetum).

The Greek names for Orobancheae, dramatically relate the plants to the wolf; Parasito  likos (παράσιτο λύκοσ) meaning wolf parasite and and agrio-likos (αγριόλυκοσ) meaning wild wolf: This epithet seems particularly relevant to the hairy orobanche. The distinguishing feature is the covering of shaggy hair and this gives it its species as well as its common English name.

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17-22mm, 8-28cm,
5-22cm, W, Parasite                JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC

 Orobanchaceae on Skopelos

In 1966, Prof. Dimitrios Phitos , Professor of Botany at University of Patras, in his study of the flowers of the Sporades, Florida Sporadum, listed 7 species, forms and varieties of Orobanche found on Skopelos.1

       Florida sporadum1                  Current status2     Accepted name2

  1. O.nana                                       Accepted                 O. nana

  2. O. nana f. Intercedens                  Synonym                O. nana

       O. muteli var. spissa                     Synonym                O. muteli

              O. versicolor f. gracilior                Synonym                O. pubescens

     O. minor                                       Accepted                O. minor

              O. grisebachn                               Accepted                O. grisebachii

           O. reticulata var. pallidiflora         Synonym                  O. reticulata

1 Prof. Dimitrios Phitos, Florida Sporadum (Athens) 1966.

©Verlag Ferdinand Berger & Söhne Ges.m.b.H., Horn, Austria, download unter www.biologiezentrum.at

2 The Plant List. A working list of all plant species  www.theplantlist.com

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For more on Orobanche go to O.reticulata.

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