Pistacia lenticus

Lentisk                                                                                                              Σκίνος

Anacardiaceae - cashew family                                                                         Dicot


Pistacia lenticus is very important to the ecosystem of Skopelos. It is widespread and occurs in a number of habitats; occurring in the understory of the forest, as part of the complex mix of shrubs in the macchie and as a significant component of phrygana. Growing above beaches it stabilises the sand and helps in the formation the dunes which in turn protect the coastal wetlands.

Depending on location its size varies form a low bush to a small tree. The compound, dark green, glossy leaves are formed of opposite pairs of leaflet, without a single terminal leaflet. The male bushes are brightened in spring by brilliant red flowers; female flowers are small, inconspicuous and yellow but the female bushes are brightened in the autumn, by brilliant red berries. The berries are in dense clusters close to the branches, distinguishing lenticus from terebinthus.

Pinus halpensis
Aleppo pinePinus_halepensis.html
Pisatachia terebinthus
Turpentine treePistacia_terebinthus.html