Platanus orientalis
Oriental plane                                                                                                  Πλάτανοσ

Platanacea - plane family                                                                                  Dicot.

Just as in many towns and villages throughout Greece, a plane tree has been planted in the central square of Skopelos, named Platanos after the tree, where it provides cool,deep shade to the diners at the tavernas, but even more magnificent plane trees can be found sheltering springs and fountains; some with huge trunks indicating ancient heritage.

Platanus orientalis is endemic to Crete and other islands of the southern Aegean but has naturalised in Skopelos growing where the soil is deep and moist; the wild trees inhabit the valleys creating a marked contrast with the pine covered slopes.

The tree is deciduous with a wide crown, the leaves are palmate and the fruits are curious round, spiky balls, which roll down the hillside when they fall from the trees increasing the possibility of finding moist ground where the seeds can germinate.


Platanus orientalis

- a divine gift for Greece. Dr Stephanos Diamandis

An excellent review of the plane tree in Greece

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