Quercus ilex

Holm oak,  holly oak                                                                                     Αριά

Fagaceae - Beech Family                                                                                   Dicot


The holm oak is the dominant tree of the high macchie which covers much of the Paluki Unit which is included in the protected area of Natura 2000 Northern Sporades National Park1. Within this area is a small Quercus ilex forest.

The leaves of holm oak are variable, usually  oblong or lanceolate with smooth but may be dentate or spiny, particularly when young, hence the alternative name of holly oak. When mature the leaves are dark green, leathery and glossy and always downy on underside. The acorn cups have blunt scales which differentiates Q. ilex from Q. coccifera.

1. Filotis. The National Park of Alonissos and Eastern Skopelos. 2001.

Quercus coccifera
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Quercus ithaburensis ssp. macrolepsis
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