Clematis flammula

Virgin's bower                                                                        Η αρωματική αγράμπελη

Ranunculaceae - buttercup family                                                                            Dicot.


The wonderful, aromatic flowers of the Mediterranean climber, Clematis flammula can be seen in bloom from April to June, often flowering again in September. It is found twisting around fences, scrambling through bushes and enveloping small trees; the myriad of flowers creating a cloud of white.

The pure white petals encircling a cluster of creamy-white stamens, contrast with the dark green, glossy leaves. Clematis flammula is a welcome weed in many gardens and can be kept under control by cutting back to ground level each year.

2-3cm, 1-4+metres 
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The greek name, αρωματική αγράμπελη (aromatiki agrambelli ) reflects the amazing aroma of the flowers.

The plant has many common English names, those which I have chosen illustrate the contrast between the virginal white flowers and the straggly appearance of the plant when it has gone to seed.

Clematis vitalba
Old man’s beardClematis_vitalba.html
Clematis cirrhosa
Evergreen virgin's bowerClematis_cirrhosa.html