Clematis vitalba

Old man’s beard                                                                                               Κληματίδα

Ranunculaceae - buttercup family                                                                             Dicot.


Clematis vitalba is very similar to but less common on Skopelos than Clematis flammula. It is a woodland species and prefers to have a cool, damp, limestone soils and is found in shady valleys. The petioles, the stems of the leaves, twine around twigs, stems and each other to support the long stems as they clamber over shrubs and small trees, which they can cover entirely.

The pure white flowers have a mild scent of almonds, the dark green leaves have three leaflets which have toothed edges and stems often have purplish tint.

The plants are most dramatic when the seed heads develop. The seeds have long silky hairs which aid dispersal, and give rise to the common English name of old man’s beard.

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