Daucus carota Spp. maxima

Giant wild carrot                                                                                         Αγριο καρότο

Apiaceae - carrot family                                                                                     Dicot.


A subspecies of Daucus carota , but generally taller and with larger flower heads. It is found growing on roadsides, field edges and in olive groves. It was considered by early herbalists to have potent medicinal properties, including as an aphrodisiac.

Domesticated varieties have recently become popular garden flowers

2-4mm, 10-15cm, 50-150cm,
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Dioscorea communis
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Daucus carota.
Wild carrotDaucus_carota.html

Daucus - a Latin name for carrot,  carota - from Greek caroto (καρότο)

maximus - latin for biggest