Scandix pecten-veneris

Shepherd’s needle                                                               Χτενόχορτο της Αφροδίτης

Apiaceae - carrot family                                                                                           Dicot.


Scandix pecten-veneris grows throughout  most of Europe. It is edible and nutritious but it is not very abundant  in Skopelos. It is often found in field edges; the specimen shown here was photographed in the corner of the church field, next to the cemetery.

The plant is characterised by the long narrow seed pods, which

4-6m, 15-35cm,
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Scandix - from ancient Greek name σκάνδιξ) for this & similar plants  incl. chervil(

pecten - Latin for comb, veneris - Venus’s

Scutellaria sporadum
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Scandix australis
Venus’s combScandix_australis.html