Solanum nigrum

Black nightshade                                                                                           Στίφνος

Solanaceae - nightshade family                                                                         Dicot.


Black nightshade, Solanum nigrum, is a plant with worldwide distribution; it is found as a weed in fields, roadside and on waste ground. The plants grow rapidly in spring and autumn; the small white star shaped flowers which have prominent yellow stamens and central stigma are held in small drooping clusters and are followed by shiny green berries which  turn black when ripe.

Like all the members of the nightshade family, which includes the potato and tomato, the plants contain the poisonous chemical solanine which can, in large quantities cause severe symptoms. It is however collected boiled and eaten in small amount in combination with amaranth (στίφνος & βλήτα).

8-12mm, 15-30cm ,,
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Great care is needed when identifying wild foods.

Always have plants checked by a horta expert before eating.
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