Tordylium apulum

Mediterranean hartwort                                                                             Καυκαλήθρα

Apiaceae - carrot family                                                                                          Dicot.


The delicate flowers of Tordylium apulum fill the fields with white in early summer, after the reds, yellows and blues of earlier flowers have faded. The small flowers have 5 white petals around a green centre arranged on radiating spokes, to form umbels: they are unusual as the outer petals of the outer flowers have a petal much larger than the rest, giving them an attractive, lacy appearance. They quickly go to seed, developing intriguing dark brown fruits with toothed edges.

The fragrant leaves, which resemble flat parsley in shape are collected as kafkalithra a form of horta; they are said to relieve melancholy.

4-12mm,  2.5-5.5cm, 15-30cm, ,
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Great care is needed when identifying wild foods.

Conium maculatum, hemlock, a white flower of carrot or parsley family, is highly toxic and eating it can be fatal.
A tea of hemlock was the poison which cause the death of Socrates. 
In Washington State one person died in 1999 and another in 2010. from accidental hemlock poisoning.

Always have plants checked by a horta expert before eating.
Tordylium maximum
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