Torilis africana

Wild parsley                                                                                        Μυρμηγκοβότανο

Apiaceae - carrot family                                                                                           Dicot.


Torilis africana is one of several plants with lacy white flowers and delicate green leaves, which have  the smell and taste of parsley. The plants grow amongst the grasses of spring, they are usually isolated and do not form large colonies like many of the other apiaceae. They can often be found in the olive groves or along the road edge in the valley leading from Glisteri beach to Karia. The young leaves can be collected and eaten as parsley. It can be differentiated from the more widely known  Torilis arvensis, spreading hedge parsley, by the upper leaves, which have only 3 leaflets. The plants are found around the Mediterranean and the East and South Africa.

2-4mm, 20-40mm, 25-35cm,
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Torilis - unknown derivation possibly meaning obscure

africana - African

Torilis nodosa
Knotted hedge parsleyTorilis_nodosa.html
Tordylium maximum