Torilis nodosa

Knotted hedge parsley                                                                            Άγριο μαϊντανό

Apiaceae - carrot family                                                                                           Dicot.


An elusive little plant on Skopelos, knotted hedge parsley, Torilis nodosa, is usually found growing amongst other white flowers plants of the Apiaceae family, especially Scaligeria napiformis. The species name, nodosa, refers to the placement of the flower clusters at the nodes of attachment of the leaves, giving it a knotted appearance.

Rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, its young tender leaves are collected to add fresh flavour to foods

2-4mm, 2-4cm,15-30cm,
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Torilis - referred to as a meaningless name by David Gledhill in The Names of Plants1

Nodosa - Latin for knotted

1. The Names of Plants. David Gledhill. Fourth Edition. Cambridge University Press.

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