Bunias erucago

Crested cabbage                                                                                      Άγνωστο όνομα

Cruciferae - the mustard family                                                                               Dicot.


A common yellow-flowered weed which is found on stony ground. It is similar when in flower to the other small mustard plant, Biscutella didyma, although it tends to grow alittle taller. The two can easily be distinguished by their seed heads, which in the case of Bunias erucago are curious spiny, crsted pyramids.

As with all the mustards, the leaves are edible, when picked young, though rather bitter tasting.

5-10mm, 20-50cm,
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Cerinthe major

Bunias  - form ancient Greek - meaning a kind of large turnip

Erucago - from eruca - latin for rocket

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